Season 321 Videos

Show 321

Show 321 – HVAC

/ United Heating & Air Conditioning / Imagine a summer in Alabama without air conditioning. Takes your breath away, doesn’t it? And while our winters may be mild compared to other parts of the country, consider not having a heating system when that inevitable cold front moves through. Hot or Cold, at work or at […]
Show 320 – SMART Training

Show 320 – (SMART) Training

/ SMART / Synergistic Medical and Resource Team Training or (SMART) Training, promotes patient safety through the advancement of teamwork and communication. This specialized training is provided in an environment that empowers team members to apply high-level communication skills and purpose-based decision making to yield the best outcomes for the patient, whether a critical situation […]
Show 319

Show 319 – Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

/ Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center / This week On the Job is in Mobile visiting the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center. With 150 interactive exhibits, an IMAX theater, and fun, hands-on educational programming, the center aspires to increase science literacy among the people of south Alabama and the Gulf Coast.
Show 318 – Civil Engineering

Show 318 – Civil Engineering

/ University of South Alabama – Civil Engineering / Civil Engineering is very essential to the planning, designing, and construction of all types of infrastructures. This is because civil engineering focuses on the public and environmental health of the surrounds of where the infrastructure will be constructed. They deal with important issues like air pollution, […]
Show 317 – Robotics & Maritime

Show 317 – Robotics | Maritime

/ Alabama Robotics Technology Park & the AIDT Maritime Training Center / This week’s show is a little different than most. We’re going to show you some of the highlights of the openings of two new state of the art workforce-training facilities here in Alabama. Located at opposite ends of the state and offering training […]
Show 316

Show 316 – HVAC/R program

/ Earnest Pruett Center of Technology / You may not know what HVAC/R stands for, but should your Heating or Air-conditioning go out, chances are you’ll be REAL familiar with it. HVAC/R stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration…and HVAC Technicians are in the business of keeping you comfortable. It’s hard to imagine life […]
Show 315

Show 315 – J&P Khamken

/ J&P Khamken / This week we go behind the scenes with a family owned machine and fabrication company who is doing big things in the River Region, J&P Khamken Industries. Located in Montgomery, J&P specializes in the manufacturing of aircraft components, and additional materials for the Department of Defense. I got the opportunity to […]
Show 314

Show 314 – Veterinary Pathobiologist

/ Tuskegee Veterinary Pathobiologist / Tuskegee University is an esteemed historical black college with a very rich history in African American Culture and in the medical and agricultural advancements internationally. Today, we are visiting with the School of veterinary medicine and learning about the career of a veterinary Pathobiologist. This show gives us a brief […]
Show 313

Show 313 – LWT Communications: Create-A-Thon

/ LWT Communications: Create-A-Thon / Typically people will donate their time or money when it comes to helping out with philanthropies or charities, but one company has a more “creative” approach to giving back to the community. This year, LWT communications hosted their 9th Annual CreateAthon Event. The CreateAthon provides free strategic marketing planning, creative […]
Show 312

Show 312 – Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics

/ University of Alabama’s Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics / The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics at The University of Alabama has played an integral role in educating aeronautical and aerospace engineering as well as engineering science and mechanics students, conducting innovative and exciting scientific research, and improving the economic development of the […]
Show 311

Show 311 – Criminal Justice Program

/ Northeast Alabama Community College – Criminal Justice Program / This week we are at Northeast Alabama Community College to visit their Criminal Justice Program. We learned about Crime Scene Investigation, practiced at their firing range, ran the obstacle course, and spoke with students and instructors about the programs offered.
Show 310

Show 310 – Auburn Rural Studio

/ Auburn Rural Studio / In a small part in Alabama, there are big things going on. These things are cutting edge. They are new and innovative. They are improving the living conditions of a community. In Hale County, the “Rural Studio” has committed itself to improving the living conditions for this community while passing […]
Show 309

Show 309 – Marine Police

/ Marine Police / Alabama’s favorable weather conditions and abundant waterways, make it ideal for fishing, boating and other recreational activities. Over one million people enjoy Alabama’s one million acres of lakes, 1,600 miles of rivers and 53 miles of coastline each year…and it’s the The Marine Police’s mission is to enhance safety and promote […]
Show 308

Show 308 – Physical Therapy

/ Alabama State University – Physical Therapy / The medical industry is vast and always looking to employ trained professionals. One division of the medical industry that is rapidly growing is physical therapy. In 2008, there were over 185,000 jobs held by physical therapist, and this industry is projected to grow by 30 percent by […]
Show 307

Show 307 – Auburn Vet Tech

/ Auburn Vet Tech / This week’s On The Job we are learning about the job of a Veterinarian Technician by visiting Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Companion Animal Surgery and Medicine Hospital and the Southeastern Raptor Center. Auburn’s Companion Animal Teaching Hospital provides state of the art care for over 13,000 patients per […]