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Show 242 – Hesco | Machine Tooling

/ Hesco / Calhoun Community College – Machine Tooling Program / Hesco is ‘literally’ a full-service automotive machine shop. Located in Birmingham, AL, their specialization ranges from high-performance, exotic vehicles to your average family sedan or van. They work on everything from motor scooters to Ferraris; antiques to prototypes. Services offered include Dyno Testing , […]
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Show 241 – UPS

/ United Parcel Service “UPS” / Founded in 1907, UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company. Delivering 5 million packages a day to 6 million customers in more than 200 countries around the world. UPS has grown from a small messenger company to a leading provider of air, ocean, and ground package delivery service. […]
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Show 240 – Career Technology Center

/ Madison County Career Technology Center / Most people are proud when they accomplish a project by hand. It’s the feeling you get of “I did that”, that’s rewarding and gives you a sense of worth. What if you had a career that gave you that feeling all the time? At the Madison County Technical […]
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Show 239 – Film and Digital Media

/ University of North Alabama’s Film and Digital / In Florence, the University of North Alabama’s Film and Digital media department has taken on the task as part of the School of Communications of beginning to train the next generation of filmmakers. Film and Digital Media Production
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Show 238 – SES

/ SES / Established in 1988 as a small business, SES’s fundamental strength is taking basic scientific concepts through engineering prototypes to full rate production through a lean enterprise approach. SES possesses a full range of science and engineering talent, hardware and software technologies and flexible production capabilities enabling rapid development of sensor products for […]
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Show 237 – Back to the Future

/ Back to the Future / What began as a discussion among friends about their parents and high school turned into the highest grossing film of 1985. It launched the film careers of actors such as Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson and in 2008 the American Film Institute named it the 10th best science […]
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Show 236 – Landscaping

/ Lakewood Landscape Group / There’s an old saying that says, “April showers bring May Flowers”. Well, today we will talk with some fellows who also bring flowers, and trees, and bushes, and anything else to make their clients landscape something spectacular. Lakewood Landscape Group, located in Dothan Alabama, is owned and operated by two […]
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Show 235 – Community College | Park Rangers

/ ACCS Chancellor Interview / Park Rangers / ACCS Chancellor Interview On December 1, 2009, Dr. Freida Hill, became Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System.   Dr. Hill sat down with us a few weeks ago for an in-depth interview where she touched on the state of the two-year system, her goals for the system […]
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Show 234 – Podcasting | Dream It Do It

/ Banks Middle School Podcasting / Dream It Do It / In the town of Banks, Alabama, there is a small school doing big things. The school is Banks Middle School and they have created a daily new podcast that is not only broadcasted at their school, but on their local television channel. Bobby Jon […]
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Show 233 – Bio-Diesel | Von Gal

/ Bio-Diesel / Von Gal / For years now Alternative fuels have been a hot topic for politicians and consumers alike. The biggest push for something other than petroleum based fuels seems to come when gas prices start going up. One of the best known and least available alternative fuels is bio diesel. Interestingly enough, […]
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Show 232 – Waste Water Treatment

/ Sugar Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant / Water… It’s a vital natural resource… IT covers 70 % of the planet. And people love to take advantage of its many uses. It is a resource that is often taken for granted, but is vital to the balance of life. Cities are huge consumers of water […]
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Show 231 – Pre-Apprentice Utility Lineworker Program

/ Pre-Apprentice Utility Lineworker Program – Central Alabama Community College / There is a large demand for qualified utility linesman. Approximately, 8000 jobs are needed, however, only about 400 jobs were filled. This opens up thousands of opportunities for more individuals to have a part in this profession. New infrastructure and inclement weather keeps people […]
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Show 230 – Easter Seals | Preister’s Pecans

/ Easter Seals / Preister’s Pecans / A 2008 Census bureau study said that almost 61 percent of Americans with a disability are unemployed. In Alabama that number is even higher rising to over 66 percent, but things may be looking up. Since 1919 and the founding of the National Society for Crippled Children, or […]
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Show 229 – Farming

/ Henry Cattle Company / Maze Farms / Veal, steak, ground beef; All of these cuts of meat come from cows. According to the USDA, In 2008 Americans consumed 27.3 billion pounds of beef. In addition the beef cattle production industry grosses approximately 34.9 billion dollars per year. Beef cattle ranching is a large segment […]
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Show 228 – ACIPCO | Engineering Graphics Technology

/ American Pipe Company / Drake State – Engineering Graphics Technology / American Cast Iron Pipe Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ductile iron pipe as well as an array of other products. Headquartered in Birmingham in 1905, ACIPCO is the world’s largest individual iron pipe casting plant. We talked with employees […]