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For years now Alternative fuels have been a hot topic for politicians and consumers alike. The biggest push for something other than petroleum based fuels seems to come when gas prices start going up. One of the best known and least available alternative fuels is bio diesel. Interestingly enough, bio diesel has been around for almost 160 years. In the 1893 Rudolph Diesel created his compression engine to replace the inefficient steam engines that powered most of the heavy equipment of the day. His thought was it would be cheaper, quicker and easier for farmers to rely on their own crops to power their machinery than more expensive forms of fuel such as the petroleum products used today. Flash forward 80 years and bio diesel is back on the table as a viable alternative fuel. So much so, that so called “home brew” kits are now widely available and popular on the Internet. And it’s just not individuals that are trying to make the switch to bio-diesel. Some cities in Alabama are making the switch to this home grown fuel.

Founded in 1957, the Von Gal company began with the pioneering efforts of George Von Gal. His early, highly innovative design work led to the invention of a machine that automatically palletizes 24 bottle wooded cases of Coca-Cola. The company grew to become the world leader in palletizing solutions. On The Job dropped in on the Von GAL to find out more about the company and the types of jobs involved.

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