Ready To Work

Healthy Teams

For your organization to be successful, people must work together.  If every part of the organization works well together, the quality of your products and services will be enhanced.  Effective team players have similar behaviors.  Let’s examine how you can improve the health of your team. Make every effort to be an effective communicator.  Keep […]

Time Management

We each get 86,400 seconds every day.  How do you use your time? Time management is an illusion because no one can really manage time.  Time is constant.  It moves at the same rate for everyone. Basically, time management is organizing and controlling our activities to achieve the most productive use of the time available […]

Special Listening Skills

It might seem that listening is something that comes easy for you, but for many people effectively using this skill can be a challenge.   In this segment we will learn about the importance of listening and techniques that can be used to help us succeed in our personal lives and in the workplace. The Ready […]


Using the telephone seems like just one more ordinary things you do in life.  In this segment we will learn about phone etiquette in the workplace & tips on how to better communicate using the telephone. The Ready to Work program creates career pathways for individuals with limited education and employment experience. Ready to Work […]