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Hesco is ‘literally’ a full-service automotive machine shop. Located in Birmingham, AL, their specialization ranges from high-performance, exotic vehicles to your average family sedan or van. They work on everything from motor scooters to Ferraris; antiques to prototypes. Services offered include Dyno Testing , Electronics Engineering and Computer Programming, Custom Engine Work, Service and Repair as well as Secure Vehicle Storage and Vehicle Sales.

On The Job Drove on up to Birmingham to Check out this ‘One Stop”, “Pit Stop” for all your automotive needs…

Calhoun Community College – Machine Tooling Program

In Alabama there is a demand for qualified machinist. A machinist uses machine tools such as milling machines, lathes, and grinders to produce precision metal parts. These parts range from bolts to automobile pistons. In order to become a qualified machinist you must obtain training. If you’re in high school you can check with your local technical school for this class. However if you’re out of high school you can obtain this skills from a 2-year Community College such as Calhoun Community College. At Calhoun Community College students receive an in depth understanding for this field and are allowed the opportunity to “gets their hands dirty” learning.

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