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We write on it, draw on it, ball it up, and throw it away…but first, somebody has to make it. What is it? It’s paper.  Annually, the U.S. produces approximately 87 million metric TONS of paper and paperboard.  This paper is produced from one of our 500 paper and paperboard mills in America, 24 of which is here in Alabama.  Working in the paper and pump industry requires individuals to be trained in certain skills, some of the same skills that students are learning in Alabama Southern Community College’s Paper and Chemical Technology Program.

Alabama Southern Community College’s Paper and Chemical Technology program, located in Thomasville Alabama, is one of the nation’s leading training centers for paper and chemical workers. They offer students the ability to learn about the paper and chemical field in a world-class facility with state of the art labs.  The students enrolled in this program get a chance to have hands on training making paper and other aspects of the paper and pulp industry.

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