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In 2009, a survey by the Motion Picture Association of America found that the Entertainment industry supported more than 2.2 million job, directly and indirectly. Moviemakers use people within the area where the movie is being shot to work behinds the screens doing below the line jobs or jobs that require technical skills, such as electricians and construction.

AIDT has created a training program entitled, EMPACT, to help bring EMPACT stands for Entertainment Media Production and crew training and that’s exactly what it does. It trains people on different aspects of working on a film crew for a movie production. The EMPACT Training program currently teaches in three areas: set construction, lighting, and video production. Students receive hands on training on how to use industry equipment, how to create a mock set, and various aspects of running a camera.

For more information about the EMPACT training program, visit their website at:

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  1. I luv the video! It expresses how you can set up stage and set lighting. It’s pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i like da video because it gives us alot of information about communications and how you can do it. so i think that everyone can learn alot from this video if they are interested in these kinds of things.


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