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Educating our young people has become a task taken on by more than just our school systems. Entities like the United States Air Force, has created programs to further educate our young people through their methods…… methods that teach skills necessary for personal and career growth. This program is called Civil Air Patrol.  Headquartered in Montgomery Alabama, the Civil Air Patrol is a national volunteer program that’s been around since the 1940’s.

Aerospace education is one of the major components taught to the cadets.  Local aerospace entities have worked with the CAPS program in this initiative.  In Auburn, the Auburn airport gives their support.

As Cadets, some of these members are taught survival skills, physical fitness, moral leadership, and even aviation training.   Many cadets have the opportunity to fly an airplane for the first time through their flight encampment or academy.  Some cadets may also earn cadet officer status and may enter the Air Force as an E3 rather than an E1.

For more information, go to their website.

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