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Nestled in a quiet little spot in Northeast Alabama, about one mile from Little River Canyon is a quant and modest storefront, chopped full of adventure in store for the adventurous. True Adventure Sports is one of Alabama’s top tourist facilities, specializing in a host of outdoor extreme adventure as well as certification training. Within the beautiful scenery in the mountain, tourists are able to experience some fun and adventurous activities. Some activities that are available through True Adventure Sports include rappelling, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking or canoeing, extreme night hiking, wild cave tours, zip lining, and several other activities.

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  1. OMG! I love this episode! You guys did an awesome job and it makes me want to go and visit and do adventure touring. It also gave me some nostalgia being that I lived in Costa Rica for about 8 yrs and this was something I did quite often. Keep up the good job!

    I will definitely place it in my bucket list of places to visit!

    Greeting from San Diego!


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