Show 409 – Sloss Metal Arts Program

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SLOSS Furnace, a Historic Landmark with a haunted past and a reportedly haunted present, is known to many as one of the scariest places on earth. Through the height of “Pig Iron” production at the plant, several workers died in horrible accidents due to unsafe working conditions and a round the clock work schedule. Shows like Fox’s Scariest Places and the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures have been to SLOSS to investigate the hauntings and paranormal activity. And now On the Job is here…

…To investigate SLOSS Furnaces Metal Arts Program…

Yah, That’s Right,… Although mostly known today for its Haunted History, SLOSS Furnace is also home to a thriving Metal Arts community that is helping to preserve its Metal Making History through Educational Workshops, Community Outreach and an Artist Residency Program. On the Job took a trip to SLOSS Furnace to “investigate” this unique Metal Arts Program.

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