Healthy Teams

For your organization to be successful, people must work together.  If every part of the organization works well together, the quality of your products and services will be enhanced.  Effective team players have similar behaviors.  Let’s examine how you can improve the health of your team.

  1. Make every effort to be an effective communicator.  Keep channels of communication open and make sure you don’t jump to conclusions.  Take steps to be clear in your communication by avoiding vague terms and jargon.
  2.  Refuse to play games.  Don’t thrive on chaos.  Be honest and don’t get dragged down by others.  There’s a time and place for playing games, at work is NOT one of them.
  3. Don’t rain on another’s parade.  We all have achievements.  Belittling others’ accomplishments for no reason creates tension.  Put away petty jealousy.  Support your co-workers and they will support you.
  4. Avoid talking doom and gloom.  If you’re a pessimist, keep it to yourself at work.  Pessimistic viewpoints drag on energy and productivity.  It’s okay to express your opinion, but don’t always be the “devil’s advocate”.
  5. Replace defensiveness with openness.  Don’t be threatening with others.  Let others know you respect their opinions, have an open mind.

Healthy teams offer challenging and satisfying opportunities for individual growth and group achievement.  But it takes each member to ensure the team’s success

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