Show 236 – Landscaping

/ Lakewood Landscape Group /

There’s an old saying that says, “April showers bring May Flowers”. Well, today we will talk with some fellows who also bring flowers, and trees, and bushes, and anything else to make their clients landscape something spectacular. Lakewood Landscape Group, located in Dothan Alabama, is owned and operated by two brothers, Kyle and Grant Faulk. Together their company specializes in flower programs, formal gardens, hardscapes, site drainage, and several other services. They are able to do this because both owners bring something different to the table. Kyle Faulk has a degree in Landscape Horticulture, while Grant Faulk degree is in building sciences. Together, their knowledge helps them create quality landscaping.

We talked with both Kyle and Grant Faulk about their company and the type of education needed in this field.

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