Show 229 – Farming

/ Henry Cattle Company / Maze Farms /

Veal, steak, ground beef; All of these cuts of meat come from cows. According to the USDA, In 2008 Americans consumed 27.3 billion pounds of beef. In addition the beef cattle production industry grosses approximately 34.9 billion dollars per year. Beef cattle ranching is a large segment of American Agriculture and is one of the largest industries in the world. Here in Alabama we have our fair share of farmers, but many of us have no idea about the career opportunities in this field. Today we visited Henry Cattle Company in Pintlala.

Today the economic impact of the Poultry Industry in Alabama is $8.5 Billion Dollars and generates about 75,000 jobs, which is 10 percent of the State’s Economy. Alabama ranks 13th nationally in total egg production, but ranks 3rd in “broiler” production behind Arkansas and Georgia. On the Job went “Down on the Farm” to find out more about “broiler” production with Maze Farms.

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