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A 2008 Census bureau study said that almost 61 percent of Americans with a disability are unemployed. In Alabama that number is even higher rising to over 66 percent, but things may be looking up. Since 1919 and the founding of the National Society for Crippled Children, or Easter Seals, as it is now known, has been a driving force in the advocacy of children and adults who are disabled.

There are aren’t too many people that can travel down I-65 through the town of Ft. Deposit, and not be tempted to make a stop at Priester’s Pecans. From a little country gas station to a sprawling kitchen and regional retailer today, Priester’s Pecans has been turning out mouth-watering sweets for over 75 years. The success of this homegrown business is not just about the products they make, but the people that make them.

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