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Show 214

Show 214 – Communications | WDJC

/ Jacksonville State Department of Communications / WDJC / Today, Radio is a multi billion-dollar industry that through over-the-air stations and satellite radio reaches every corner of the country and around the world. At Jacksonville State University’s Department of Communications, they’re teaching students not only how to run the station technically, but also how to […]
Show 304

Show 304 – Weezabi

/ Weezabi / Textiles have historically been an important industry in Alabama, employing thousands of people. Although globalization has created a reduction in the amount of Alabamians working in textile production, there are still many companies profiting off the apparel market. One such company is Weezabi; a screen printed t-shirt company that focuses on the […]
Show 503

Show 503 – Aquaculture

/ Alabama Bass Trail /  Aquaculture – Gadsden State Community College / Alabama Bass Trail Fishing and Alabama go together like Shirmp and Grits or Football and Saturday afternoons.  Now there’s a new tourist attraction that’s taking fishing and pairing it up with conservation education.  Working together, the Alabama Bass Trail, Alabama Power and the […]
Show 225

Show 225 – Old Iron Doors

/ Old Iron Doors / Doors… They open. They close. They let people in, and they keep people out. They come in all different types and sizes… and through out history have played a functional role in our everyday lives. Though their ‘function’ is simple enough, their ‘form’ can be anything from simplistically adequate to […]
Show 315

Show 315 – J&P Khamken

/ J&P Khamken / This week we go behind the scenes with a family owned machine and fabrication company who is doing big things in the River Region, J&P Khamken Industries. Located in Montgomery, J&P specializes in the manufacturing of aircraft components, and additional materials for the Department of Defense. I got the opportunity to […]

Show 145 – NASA

/ NASA / When you think about job careers at NASA, normally you think about an Astronaut or a Rocket Scientist. In this show, we show several other careers at NASA, some of which can be obtained with an education from a 2-year institution. Learn about the careers of a Lunar Scientist, an Ares I […]
Show 204

Show 204 – Hospitality & Culinary / Zorn Molds

/ Jeff State Community College – Hospitality and Culinary Institute  / Zorn Molds / We visited the Hospitality and Culinary Institute at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham.  I spoke with students about there experience in this program, and their plans for the future.  I also learned about food safety and prepared and cooked chicken […]
Show 236

Show 236 – Landscaping

/ Lakewood Landscape Group / There’s an old saying that says, “April showers bring May Flowers”. Well, today we will talk with some fellows who also bring flowers, and trees, and bushes, and anything else to make their clients landscape something spectacular. Lakewood Landscape Group, located in Dothan Alabama, is owned and operated by two […]
Show 405

Show 405 – Synapse Wireless

/ Synapse Wireless / This week we are at Synapse Wireless in Huntsville, a wireless technology company that develops wireless products that connect over the internet for a broad range of applications enabling machines to communicate with each other without the cumbersomeness of wires.
Show 215

Show 215 – Technology & Engineering

/ Jacksonville State University – Department of Technology and Engineering / Jacksonville State University offers a wide array of technology degrees for students interested in automation of industrial manufacturing, robotics, digital networks and communication, and management of computer integrated manufacturing systems. While Jacksonville state offers an array of 4 year technology degrees, it also offers […]
Show 305

Show 305 – Diversified Label Images

/ Diversified Label Images / Since 1983 Diversified Label Images has been printing effective marketing products for clients in a wide range of industries. This award-winning company is known for quality and commitment to developing innovative point-of-sale and packaging solutions. They serve a wide range of clients from nationally recognized companies like CVS and Jack […]
Show 504

Show 504 – Civil Air Patrol

/ Civil Air Patrol / Educating our young people has become a task taken on by more than just our school systems. Entities like the United States Air Force, has created programs to further educate our young people through their methods…… methods that teach skills necessary for personal and career growth. This program is called […]

Show 147 – Forensics

/ Forensics – Hoover High School and UAB / Normally, education for forensics science could only be obtained in colleges and universities, but in Hoover Alabama, Hoover High School has implemented a Forensics Science Class that is very impressive. These students are interested, intrigued, and anxious to learn. From what we saw, this program helps […]
Show 226

Show 226 – Sellers | LBW

/ Sellers / LBW / Have you ever driven by a wooded area, and wondered what happens if someone wanted to “manage” or “oversee” a forest? Well, we did, so “On the Job” took a trip down to visit Lurleen Burleen Wallace Community College forestry department to get a first hand look at what the […]
Show 316

Show 316 – HVAC/R program

/ Earnest Pruett Center of Technology / You may not know what HVAC/R stands for, but should your Heating or Air-conditioning go out, chances are you’ll be REAL familiar with it. HVAC/R stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration…and HVAC Technicians are in the business of keeping you comfortable. It’s hard to imagine life […]