Show 223 – AirEvac Lifeteam | Homeland Security

/ AirEvac Lifeteam / Homeland Security – Chattahoochee Valley Community College /

One of the largest private air ambulance companies in the US is AirEvac. With 88 stations across the south and Midwest, AirEVAC has carved out a niche by providing medical service in rural areas. On The Job, had the opportunity to spend some time with the AirEvac Lifeteam out of Elmore, AL.

Following the aftermath of September 11, 2001, a new department was created with the primary mission of protecting the American and it’s people. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 called for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. In short, the department’s aim is to safeguard the American people against any national or world threat. Jobs in Homeland Security exist at the State, Federal, and Local Government levels. On The Job had the opportunity to explore educational opportunities in Homeland Security in Phoenix City, at Chattahoochee Valley Community College’s, Homeland Security program.

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