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In Alabama we rarely see snow, at least any snow that amounts to anything. Yet in rural northwest Alabama, there’s one company that’s making it snow, not just here, but all over the world. We visited Snowmasters in Lexington and learned about their growing business.

“We light the Stars,” that’s the motto of Huntsville, Alabama’s, Theatrical Lighting Systems. During this segment president David Milley, discusses his idea to establish a premier lighting studio, while a student at University of Alabama-Huntsville. Since the inception of his idea, over 30 years ago, TLS lighting has now reached new heights as one of the premier lighting companies in the country. From working with musical acts such as Trisha Yearwood, Kenny Chesney, and Brad Paisley, to lighting some of the largest church conventions in the country, find out why Theatrical Lighting Systems, “Lights The Stars!”

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