Show 149 – U.S. Helicopter | Toyota T-Ten Program

/ U.S. Helicopter / Lawson State Community College – Toyota T-Ten Program /

US Helicopter, a division of Bell Aerospace is one of the few helicopter-refurbishing units in the country. With 8 buildings on 6 acres of land, US Helicopter performs work for a variety of clients including the US Military, NASA and foreign military customers. Their main goal, provide their customers with a top-notch product, that is cost-efficient and most of all extremely safe. US Helicopter invited us into their facility in Ozark and gave me a behind the scenes look at some of their unique and delicate processes.

Do you like working on cars? Would you like to start earning money quickly? How about job security? If you answered yes to these questions, then you would be a great candidate for the Toyota T-Ten program. The Toyota T-Ten program provides the ability for students to graduate as confident and productive technicians with industry certifications that separate them from the crowd. These certifications are widely recognized within the industry and allow technicians to earn more money and gain increased responsibilities.

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