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Alabama is known for it’s forestry industry where thousands of people are employed. From Paper mills to the furniture business, Alabama companies make good use of it’s natural resources. This is also true with the cabinet industry. Lumber from Alabama is cut down to make some of the most beautiful kitchen and bathroom cabinets in the nation. One of the state’s premier cabinet manufacturers is Wellborn Cabinets in Ashland. Wellborn Cabinets employ over one thousands Alabamians to work in their timber processing and manufacturing facility.

NorthWest Shoals Community College – Carpentry and Cabinetry Program

Carpentry is one of the world’s oldest trades. While carpentry skills are typically gained through experience, an ever expanding knowledge base has lead to an increase in acedemic training and study. One school offering such training is Northwest Shoals Community College in Muscle Shoals. Their 2 year Carpentry and Cabinet making program exposes students to various areas of construction including safety, hand tools, blueprints, measurements, framing, and finishes.

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