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Enterprise Ozark Community College – Aviation Campus

The aerospace industry is Alabama’s second largest employer both in terms of direct and indirect jobs with over 136,000 people employed and a payroll exceeding 6 billion dollars a year. Much of the aerospace work in Alabama would not be here if people could not get trained. That’s where the aviation campus of Enterprise – Ozark Community College or EOCC comes in to play.

We visit the aircraft sheet metal structure class where the aspects of riveting sheet metal is taught. We also visit a class that is replacing the propeller on a Cessna 152, one of the most common civil aircraft in use in the world. Our next stop in the program was in the avionics lab. Avionics means aviation electronics and includes navigation systems, communication systems and basically any electronic system installed on an aircraft.

Vector Aerospace

Typically when you think about aerospace, airplanes and rockets often come to mind, but the field of aviation also includes helicopters. Helicopters, like airplanes and rockets, requires a tremendous amount of support in maintenance, repairs and upgrading. That’s just what Vector Aerospace does. We headed down to Andalusia to find out more about this international company.

Vector Aerospace ensures quality products & unparalleled service in specialties that include structural & component repair services on the Bell & Eurocopter product lines, a fully-operational paint facility & full-service avionics support.

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