Show 204 – Hospitality & Culinary / Zorn Molds

/ Jeff State Community College – Hospitality and Culinary Institute  / Zorn Molds /

We visited the Hospitality and Culinary Institute at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham.  I spoke with students about there experience in this program, and their plans for the future.  I also learned about food safety and prepared and cooked chicken wings.

Visit Jeff State’s program or any of the other Culinary/Hospitality Programs across the Alabama:

Jeff State Community College Culinary Arts Program

Faulkner State Community College

Drake State Technical College Culinary Arts Program

Shelton State Community College Culinary Arts Program

Trenholm State  Technical College Culinary Arts Program

We also visited Zorn Molds in Trafford. Zorn Molds, Inc is a design, engineering and manufacturing company specializing in manufacturing complex 3D CNC machined molds and parts.  They also manufacture specialty injection machines, heat exchangers and injection valves as well as other miscellaneous items needed by fishing lure manufacturers.

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