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| EMT – Calhoun |
Almost everyone is familiar with TV Medical Dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, House and ER, which depict the real life trauma and drama of the Emergency Room or Hospital… But these TV dramas only tell half the story… There’s a lot that goes on “In Front of the Scenes” before a patient even gets to the Emergency Room or Hospital and many times its within this critical period of time that the survivability of a patient is determined. That’s where EMT’s come in.

| Biscuits Baseball Ground Crew |

It’s been said that the baseball field is the great leveler of players. It is the 10th player on the field that can give you a great bounce that leads your team to the world series, or it can be the gremlin that at the last minute sends a routine grounder deep into left field allowing the winning run to score. That’s why turf management and a great grounds crew are important, if not critical to a successful team.

| Chrissie Schubert’s Homemade Treats |

Chrissie Schubert’s Homemade Treats, located in Andalusia, Alabama offers a variety of gourmet treats including cookies and brownies. With the encouragement of her mother, Sister Schubert, Chrissie started her cookie business in 2004. After years of baking, Chrissie felt like she had the right knowledge and recipes to try her hand in the family tradition of commercial baking. In a few short months, Chrissie’s cookie company gained the attention of Southern Living Magazine which featured “Alabama’s Best Cookies and More” in the April 2006 issue. Soon after, another article was published in Wiregrass Living and the buzz spread around the Southeast. We spent an afternoon with Chrissie and got some first hand cookie making experience.

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