Show 207 – Bonnie Plant Farm | Radiologic Technology

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If you have a green thumb, and enjoy working in gardens, and planting the occasional herb, then this an episode for you. The ON THE JOB team took a trip down to Union Springs, AL, and had the opportunity to visit with one of the premier green house operations in the country, Bonnie Plant Farm. What started out in a backyard garden in this rural town in 1918, has now grown to a multi-million dollar plant operation serves plants and herbs to 49 states, including Canada. This empire of a plant operation employs over 500 sales reps, and encompasses over 10,500 accounts. A salesmen works a plant route for no longer than 5 months out of the year, and is said to make anywhere between $25,000-$90,000 during that time! Welcome to the world of Bonnie Plant Farm!

We also visited Flowers Hospital in Dothan where they partner with Wallace Community College’s Radiologic Technologist program and train tomorrow’s medical work force. We learned out about the different types of radiology, and what is involved in training for this field. We also found out about recent technological changes in Radiologic technology.

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