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Show 135

Show 135 – Maritime

/ C & G Boatworks / Maritime Welding Program / Annie Girl Charter / On The Job is taking the show to the “port city” of Mobile, to learn more about all of the unique jobs related to the shipyard industry. The On The Job, team hit the ground running at one of the leading […]
Show 216

Show 216 – Therapeutic Massage

/ Trenholm State Technical College & Spa At Montgomery – Therapeutic Massage / Therapeutic Massage dates back to the medieval times. While the intent of this industry on improving health and wellness has not changed, the technology, education, and training for becoming a massage therapist has reached new levels. Join Bobby Jon as he takes […]
Show 306

Show 306 – Construction Academy

/ Shelby County School of Technology – Construction Academy / Construction is one of our nation’s largest industries. This industry is comprised with a host of different occupational avenues. You can obtain a degree to be a Civil Engineer, who works with planning the schematics of the construction to be done, or… you can take […]
Show 505

Show 505 – Culinary Arts

/ Trenholm State Technical College’s Culinary Arts Program / This week we’re visiting Trenholm State Technical College’s Culinary Arts program in Montgomery, the largest of it’s kind in the state. Trenholm’s program has drawn students from 18 countries and 30 states. This program offers career training and provides students with real world experience that prepares […]
Show 114

Show 114 – Truck Driving Education Program

/ Trenholm State Technical College – Truck Driving Education Program / We pass by them on the way to work, on the way to school, and basically on the way to anywhere. Sometimes they throw a friendly wave, or blow the loud horn, that we all can relate to one thing…Truck Drivers. The truck driving […]

Show 146 – Mesonet | Radiologic Technology

/ Alabama A & M – Mesonet / Wallace Community College – Radiologic Technology / We visited the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at Alabama A&M in Huntsville to learn about the different programs of study offered and the Alabama Mesonet project. Alabama Mesonet is made up of eleven combination meteorological and soil […]
Show 227

Show 227 – CPR | Hudson Alpha

/ UAB – CPR / Hudson Alpha / It used to be that video games didn’t require their users to be very active. But with the introduction of Nintendo’s Wii gaming system, the games have become more interactive. In fact now, there are programs centered around exercise routines and fitness. Students and instructors at UAB […]
Show 317 – Robotics & Maritime

Show 317 – Robotics | Maritime

/ Alabama Robotics Technology Park & the AIDT Maritime Training Center / This week’s show is a little different than most. We’re going to show you some of the highlights of the openings of two new state of the art workforce-training facilities here in Alabama. Located at opposite ends of the state and offering training […]
Show 125

Show 125 – Animals

/ Auburn Vet Medicine / Golden Animal Hospital / Pell City High School – FFA “Kids Day on the Farm” / During this episode of On the Job we explored the “animal” in you…well, not necessarily however, the On the Job team did spend some time with some animal experts. The College of Veterinarian Medicine […]
Show 205

Show 205 – Thompson Tractor

/ Thompson Tractor / If you pass by any commercial construction site you will more than likely see heavy equipment like earthmovers, bulldozers, and tractors. Just like our automobiles these heavy pieces of equipment have to be maintained. Mechanics at Thompson Tractor are equipped with the skill and knowledge to get this job done.  Being a […]
Show 238

Show 238 – SES

/ SES / Established in 1988 as a small business, SES’s fundamental strength is taking basic scientific concepts through engineering prototypes to full rate production through a lean enterprise approach. SES possesses a full range of science and engineering talent, hardware and software technologies and flexible production capabilities enabling rapid development of sensor products for […]
Show 407 – Hyundai (Part 2)

Show 407 – Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (Part 2)

/ Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama – Part 2 / We began part 1 of a two part series highlighting the team members who work at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama located in Montgomery Alabama. Our tour of the facility introduced us to Cedric in the stamping department, Annette in the Paintshop and Shane from the […]
Show 104

Show 104 – Sports (Part 2)

Coca Cola Distribution and Bottling – Montgomery, AL When you purchase your favorite soda at your favorite sporting event, have you ever thought of the process it takes for your favorite soft drink to arrive to a stadium? “On the Job” visited the Coca-Cola distribution warehouse in Montgomery, AL, to see exactly what takes place […]
Show 136

Show 136 – Pharmacy

/ Pharmacy – Auburn University / The study of Pharmacy at Auburn University began in 1885 when the Board of Trustees of the (then) Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College proposed that a course of study be offered in pharmacy. For the first ten years students were able to take preparatory courses in alkaloids, assaying, and […]
Show 217

Show 217 – Snowmasters | TLS Lighting

/ Snowmasters / TLS Lighting / In Alabama we rarely see snow, at least any snow that amounts to anything. Yet in rural northwest Alabama, there’s one company that’s making it snow, not just here, but all over the world. We visited Snowmasters in Lexington and learned about their growing business. “We light the Stars,” […]