Show 132 – Music Production | Sound Technicians

/ Music Production – Troy University / Sound Technicians – Bama Jam ’08 /

There’s nothing like popping in your favorite CD, or plugging in your IPOD and listening to your favorite song, or musical act. But what most people don’t realize it takes alot of “behind-the-scenes” work for a song to ever make it to a CD, IPOD, or radio play. It takes hours, and hours, of someone working with digital technology, and precise musical mixing boards for a song to ever make it on a “hit record.” And where can someone get education or training to become involved in the field of music industry? None other than Troy University’s Music Industry Program. The On the Job team decided they wanted to learn first hand what it takes to produce, or mix music. Troy University is the only 4 year university in Alabama that has a degree in Music Industry. From producing, mixing, managing, harmonizing, etc., Robert W. Smith’s Music Industry program at Troy University definitely can take your musical skills from gold…to platinum!

Any recording artist will tell you, if it wasn’t for a good sound technician they wouldn’t be “anything.” On the Job, wanted to find out how true that statement was so we spent the day with Chevalier Productions, a sound company based out of Oxford, AL. Chevalier Productions had the opportunity to mix sound for the 1st annual BamaJam Music Festival which was located in Enterprise this past June 2008. The On the Job team took the crew to Enterprise, and spent two days setting up stages, and learning the ropes of mixing sound with John Chevalier and his staff, at BamaJam. Needless to say if you have an ear for music, enjoy the journey’s of life, and you love the music arena, then maybe becoming a sound technician is a job for you!

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