Show 131 – Auto Body Repair | Outdoor Advertising

/ Auto Body Repair – Watkins Auto Body, Inc. / Outdoor Advertising – Durden Outdoor /

On the Job, also had a chance to work side-by-side, with some Body Technicians at Watkins Auto Body. The Body Technicians at Watkins Auto Body, explain to On the Job, why this field is important, and why they think with the proper training and education, this could be the right career for you!

Down every interstate, and even every rural highway across America you will notice billboards. The crew at On the Job wondered just how in the world does someone actually make a billboard? Well, we took a trip down to Dothan, Alabama, and spent time with a premier outdoor billboard advertising company, Durden Outdoor. We quickly realized that putting up billboards takes good-old-fashion-hard-work.

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