Show 130 – Landscaping | Manufacturing

Landscape Technology – Jefferson State College | Biscuits Stadium – Ground Crew | Manufacture Youth Program

Landscaping is both a science and an art. The students in Jefferson State’s Landscape Technology program are learning just that. With the option of taking landscape horticulture, plant production or turf grass management tracks, these students will be well equipped with the knowledge to succeed as horticulturists.

Biscuits Stadium – Ground Crew

It’s been said that the baseball field is the great leveler of players. It is the 10th player on the field that can give you a great bounce that leads your team to the world series, or it can be the gremlin that at the last minute sends a routine grounder deep into left field allowing the winning run to score.

That’s why turf management and a great grounds crew are important, if not critical to a successful team.

Manufacture Youth Program

Manufacturing today is nothing like the factory jobs of yesterday. Today’s companies utilized complex machinery and technology to include robotics and computers. Manufacture Your Future, an advanced manufacturing program, gives high school students hands-on knowledge of today’s High Tech manufacturing facilities.

Montgomery Chamber of Commerce

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