Show 125 – Animals

/ Auburn Vet Medicine / Golden Animal Hospital / Pell City High School – FFA “Kids Day on the Farm” /

During this episode of On the Job we explored the “animal” in you…well, not necessarily however, the On the Job team did spend some time with some animal experts. The College of Veterinarian Medicine at Auburn University boasts one of the top large animal veterinarian programs in the country. Our team had a chance to go behind the scenes with this top tier program, and learn first hand some of the education and tools used to practice large animal veterinarian medicine.

Dr. Mickey Golden, in Montgomery, is regarded as one of the top small animal veterinarians in the river region. Host, Bobby Jon Drinkard, had a chance to get “hands on” with Dr. Golden, while he gave one of his canine patients a physical. The On the Job team also picked up a few pointers and tips, from Dr. Golden on what has made Golden Animal Clinic one of the most credible clinics in the river region. Dr. Golden also shared with On the Job some proper tips for caring for
our “furry” and “cuddly” friends.

What is fun, a little smelly, and brings out the inner “kid” in you?” It’s none other than Pell City High School’s FFA, “Kid’s Day on the Farm!” From the looks of things it was very evident Pell City High spent many hours volunteering there time, and facilities, to make sure the children in Pell City got a first hand look at all the types of animals you would find on a farm. However, “Lilly” the dairy cow, may have been the biggest draw of the day. “Lilly” is a dairy cow, that is part of the Southwest Dairy Farmers Mobile Dairy Unit presentation. The Southwest Dairy Farmers sponsors a mobile dairy unit presentation that travels to schools through the southeast and educates youth on the importance of milk and the dairy farming industry. During the time at Pell City High, host, Bobby Jon Drinkard, even got the chance to ride a miniature horse named Joe…well, sorta!

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