Show 122 – Boating | Diesel Tech

/ Annie Girl Charter / Saunders Yachtworks / Diesel Tech – Bishop State /

For most of us driving a car is pretty easy. But what about driving a boat? Better yet, what about driving a LARGE boat? The On the Job team wanted to find out what it takes to become a boat captain, so the crew traveled to Orange Beach, Alabama, and spent some time with Captain Mike Rowell, aboard his charter boat the “Annie Girl.”

No one wants to be “stuck” on the side of the road, or better yet in the middle of the water with a malfunctioned boat, so the OTJ team called up Saunders Yachtworks to get a better understanding of what diesel mechanics have to do everyday, “on the job.”

OTJ dropped in on Bishop State Community College’s Diesel Technology program. Instructor H.P. Hill informed us that Diesel Mechanics with the proper education, and training, can have a very lucrative career. After reviewing the employment options available in the Gulf Coast, maybe becoming a boat captain, or a Diesel Mechanic, isn’t such a bad idea after all…

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