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All fifty states adhere to the legal doctrine that holds an employer liable to injured third parties for the negligent or wrongful acts of employees while on the job. And often, on the job means on the road.

This week, we’re at the University of Montevallo’s Alabama Traffic Safety Center, where a Safe Driver Seminar is underway. The center specializes in a one-day hands-on driving course offered to corporate groups and individuals in an effort to reduce driving risks. The center is a valuable resource for employers, and the public, who not only want to limit their liability, but above all else — stay safe.

University of Montevallo Alabama Traffic Safety Center Website

Alabama’s Career/Technical Education curriculum is constantly evolving to keep pace with the rapid changes in business and industry. To succeed in today’s highly competitive job market, students must continually acquire new skills and new ways of managing knowledge and information. That’s certainly true at the Autauga County Technology Center’s Computer Electronics Technology program.

Autauga County Technology Center
Alabama Career Technical Education

Almost everyone is familiar with TV Medical Dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, House and ER, which depict the real life trauma and drama of the Emergency Room or Hospital… But these TV dramas only tell half the story… There’s a lot that goes on “In Front of the Scenes” before a patient even gets to the Emergency Room or Hospital and many times its within this critical period of time that the survivability of a patient is determined. That’s where EMT’s come in.

Calhoun EMS Program
Alabama Department of Public Health EMS Program

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