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A boilermaker is a unique welder that makes, installs, and repairs boilers, closed vats, and other large vessels. These units generally are involved with extreme pressure, and are used in a variety of ways ranging from generating power, providing heat, and processing and storing chemicals. The ON THE JOB team took a trip to Birmingham, and spent some time with some Boilermakers to get an understanding about what it takes to do this job.

Iron Workers erect buildings, bridges, and have had a hand in building structures such as: The Golden Gate Bridge, The Sears Tower, and the St. Louis Arch, just to name a few. The ON THE JOB team wanted to know a little more about what iron worker’s actually, “do.” We caught up with a few in Birmingham, and spent some time with the Iron Workers out of the Local 92. While on our visit we learned that not only do Iron Worker’s have a financially stable career, they also have an intensive apprenticeship program.

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