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One of the most “treasured” places in Alabama is an area deeply rooted in history, called the “Black Belt.” The name was given to this area in Alabama because of the rich black soil that was used by share croppers whom farmed the area decades ago. However, besides being rich in its’ soil, the Black Belt is rich in history. Black Belt Treasures in Camden, AL, has taken the great talents, and gifts, our ancestors enlightened central Alabama with, and re-created a state-of-the-art gallery and boutique dedicated in preserving our treasured south Alabama history. Welcome to Black Belt Treasures!

Central Alabama Community College – Automotive Machine Technology

At first glance, the Betty Carol Graham building at Central Alabama Community College (, which houses the Automtoive Machine Technology Program, may not look all that technologically advanced, but make no mistake the program being taught inside is state-of-the-art. The crew at ON THE JOB were completely floored by the Automotive MachineTechnology Program that is being conducted by Instructor Mike Mann, and his staff at CACC. You want to learn about today’s leading machine technology? Well, then this a segment you will not want to miss.

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