Show 113 – Outdoor Advertising | Graphic Design | Drafting

/ Outdoor Advertising – Durden Outdoor / Graphic Design – Brewbaker Technical HS / Drafting – J.F. Ingram State /

Down every interstate, and even every rural highway across America you will notice billboards. The crew at ON THE JOB wondered just how in the world does someone actually make a billboard? Well, we took a trip down to Dothan, Alabama, and spent time with a premier outdoor billboard advertising company Durden Outdoor. We quickly recognized operating a billboard company although fun, takes good-old-fashion-hard-work. Welcome to the world of Durden Outdoor!

Graphic Design – Brewbaker Technical HS

With the advent of computers and desk top publishing, graphic design became more accessable to the average person, allowing them to layout and design personal projects, but REAL graphic design was still left up to the professionals. Today’s highschool students are growing up in a world where the Internet and computers are as common as the television. As a result, they are learning advanced technical skills as early as middle school and highschool. Such is the case at Brewbaker Technical HS. The graphic design program here is graduating students with skills that are more advanced than some entry level professionals. The crew at ON THE JOB was simply blown away at the technology and education these high school students have obtained in graphic design and you will too!

Drafting Program – J.F. Ingram State Technical College @ Draper

Do you want to know where your tax dollars are going? Well look no further than Draper Correctional Facility in Elmore, Alabama. J.F. Ingram State Technical College is teaching an outstanding skilled trade, along with an amazing drafting and design program at Draper Correctional Facility. The crew at ON THE JOB found most inmates are honored to give back to society, with learning technical, trade, and educational skills that will help them in there future endeavors. Our crew saw first hand that a person can never stop learning.

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