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Forestry – LBWCC Andalusia

Have you ever driven by a wooded area, and wondered what happens if someone wanted to “manage” or “oversee” a forest? Well, we did, so “On the Job” took a trip down to Andalusia, AL, and visited with the Lurleen Burleen Wallace Community College forestry department to get a first hand look at what the world of forestry procurement is all about. This is a must see!

Paper Technology – ASCC Thomasville

Alabama Southern Community College ( in Thomasville, AL is one of the most innovative community college’s in the Southeast. However, the paper tech. program at Alabama Southern far exceeds itself. Check out what “On the Job” learned first hand at Alabama Southern Community College about the paper tech. educational program. Come join the fun!

Weyerhaeuser – Pine Hill

Established in 1900, and currently employing over 41,000 people in 18 countries, Weyerhaeuser, is a technological advanced, international forest products company in Pine Hill, AL. This empire of a paper company provides stewardship and commitment to it’s clientele around the world. Welcome to Weyerhaeuser!

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