Show 128 – Electrician Apprenticeship | Technology Training

/ IBEW – Electrician Apprenticeship | Randolph County School of Technology /

On The Job goes to Birmingham to find out more about an Electrical Apprenticeship Program offered by the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 136 and the opportunities it affords those interested in the electrical field.

Alabama’s Career Technical Education Program is available in all Alabama school systems and is a gateway to future learning and prosperity. Currently more than 200,000 high school students in Alabama are enrolled in a career technical education program. Students participating in Alabama’s career/technical education programs are prepared for future prosperity through the use of a student-centered course of study that utilizes a rigorous school-and work-based curriculum and have opportunities to explore their career options in more than 215 courses. One of these Career Technical Education Programs is in Randolph County. The On the Job team took a visit to the Randolph County Career Technical Center to find out more about the the program

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