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The study of Pharmacy at Auburn University began in 1885 when the Board of Trustees of the (then) Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College proposed that a course of study be offered in pharmacy. For the first ten years students were able to take preparatory courses in alkaloids, assaying, and some toxicology. Today, Pharmacy is redefining itself to meet twenty-first century healthcare needs, but the primary focus is the integration of patient care, ethics, and knowledge. Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy is reaching students through education, outreach and research missions that are intended to assist in improving primary care for Alabama citizens. The On The Job team decided to find out more about this enticing field, so it spent the day with one one of the leading Pharmacy School’s in the country- The Harrison School of Pharmacy at Auburn University. If you like helping people, and working with From the looks of things, they have just what the “Doctor Ordered!”

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