Season 151 Videos

Show 102

Show 102 – Surgical Tech | Nursing | Cosmetology

/ Surgical Tech / Nursing / Cosmetology / Southern Union Community College – Surgical Tech Chances are some one you know has undergone a surgical procedure. Most of the time, Doctors and Nurses get all of the attention, but the truth is that the surgical technologist is the professional behind the scenes that helps make […]
Show 103

Show 103 – Sports (Part 1)

Calhoun Community College – Radio & Television Production If you can’t be at your favorite sporting event in person, the next best solution is to watch it on television. It takes a team of professionals to bring everything together, but where do you start if you want to learn about radio or television production? One […]
Show 104

Show 104 – Sports (Part 2)

Coca Cola Distribution and Bottling – Montgomery, AL When you purchase your favorite soda at your favorite sporting event, have you ever thought of the process it takes for your favorite soft drink to arrive to a stadium? “On the Job” visited the Coca-Cola distribution warehouse in Montgomery, AL, to see exactly what takes place […]
Show 105

Show 105 – Sports (Part 3)

/ Sports Medicine | Athletic Training – Troy, AL / This week we’re on our third series of exploring occupations centered around college athletics. In the college circuit it takes a special team of athletes to take the field every Saturday and perform their best, however it takes a team of professionals to keep these […]
Show 106

Show 106 – Holiday Special

/ Sister Schubert’s / Christmas Parade / Habitat for Humanity / Montgomery Area Food Bank / Whaley’s Pecans / We’re coming to you live from the annual Capital City Christmas parade in Montgomery, AL! The “On the Job” crew chose to go for a lighter side during our Christmas show. We chose to highlight local […]
Show 107

Show 107 – Hospitality Management

/ Hospitality Management / Gulf Shores, AL The hospitality management industry in the state of Alabama is a plentiful and blooming profession. When the crew at “On the Job” thought about taking a trip somewhere to learn more about this industry from an educational and professional standpoint, we couldn’t think of a better place to […]
Show 108

Show 108 – Corrections | Welding | Culinary Arts

/ Department of Corrections / Welding / Culinary Arts / D.O.C. – Selma There are quite a few television documentary’s airing on cable featuring the prison system, and the behind the scenes look at inmate life, etc., Well, have you ever wondered how the correction officers in those programs become correction officers? We did, and […]
Show 109

Show 109 – Paper

| Forestry | Paper Technology | Paper Pulp Production | Forestry – LBWCC Andalusia Have you ever driven by a wooded area, and wondered what happens if someone wanted to “manage” or “oversee” a forest? Well, we did, so “On the Job” took a trip down to Andalusia, AL, and visited with the Lurleen Burleen […]
Show 110

Show 110 – Interview Tips

Ready to Work | Interview Tips – Huntsville “Job, Job, Job.” How many times a day do we hear the word “Job?” Probably more than we would like, because the word “job” is used in all types of conversation. Quite frankly our job is a major part of our livelihood. However, have you ever thought […]
Show 111

Show 111 – Machine Tech | TLS Lighting

/ Alabama Southern Community College – Machine Tech / TLS Lighting / Machine Tech – Alabama Southern Community College Technology in today’s work force is rapidly increasing. To be number one at your trade, in machine technology, you must obtain proper training and education. The days of turning wrenches and beating hammers are gone. The […]
Show 112

Show 112 – Theater | Automotive Tech

/ Theater – Northeastern Alabama Community College / Automotive Tech – CACC / 3-2-1 ACTION!! Those are the words that can be heard around the theater department, on a typical day at Northeast Alabama Community College ( in Rainsville, AL. This best kept secret in theater in Alabama, is bringing advanced training and techniques to […]
Show 113

Show 113 – Outdoor Advertising | Graphic Design | Drafting

/ Outdoor Advertising – Durden Outdoor / Graphic Design – Brewbaker Technical HS / Drafting – J.F. Ingram State / Down every interstate, and even every rural highway across America you will notice billboards. The crew at ON THE JOB wondered just how in the world does someone actually make a billboard? Well, we took […]
Show 114

Show 114 – Truck Driving Education Program

/ Trenholm State Technical College – Truck Driving Education Program / We pass by them on the way to work, on the way to school, and basically on the way to anywhere. Sometimes they throw a friendly wave, or blow the loud horn, that we all can relate to one thing…Truck Drivers. The truck driving […]
Show 116

Show 116 – Alabama Fire College

/ Alabama Fire College / The image of a firefighter is one of an everyday hero. Someone that walks among us during the day doing the things we all do in our everyday life, but when called into action, they do something few of us would even consider doing. This image has been a subject […]