Season 241 Videos

Show 222

Show 222 – O’neil Steel

/ O’neil Steel / Founded in Birmingham in 1921, O’Neal Steel has played an important role in the steel fabricating business. O’Neal was one of the first metal service centers in the south, and during world war two they became the nation’s largest producer of general purpose bombs. And since then they have seen tremendous […]
Show 233

Show 233 – Bio-Diesel | Von Gal

/ Bio-Diesel / Von Gal / For years now Alternative fuels have been a hot topic for politicians and consumers alike. The biggest push for something other than petroleum based fuels seems to come when gas prices start going up. One of the best known and least available alternative fuels is bio diesel. Interestingly enough, […]

Show 212 – Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

/ UAH Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Program / Known as the “Rocket City”, Huntsville continues to make a name for its self in the Missile Defense and Aerospace Industry….and with more Aerospace Engineers per capita than any other city in the U.S., the Aerospace Industry continues to thrive there. Supporting this boom through education is […]
Show 223

Show 223 – AirEvac Lifeteam | Homeland Security

/ AirEvac Lifeteam / Homeland Security – Chattahoochee Valley Community College / One of the largest private air ambulance companies in the US is AirEvac. With 88 stations across the south and Midwest, AirEVAC has carved out a niche by providing medical service in rural areas. On The Job, had the opportunity to spend some […]
Show 201

Show 201 – Montgomery Police Academy (Part 1)

/ Montgomery Police Academy / The men and women in law enforcement risk their lives daily to serve and protect the citizens in their local communities and intensive training is essential to becoming a good officer. Bobby Jon spent six months training with recruits at the Montgomery Police Academy. They are responsible for the training […]
Show 234

Show 234 – Podcasting | Dream It Do It

/ Banks Middle School Podcasting / Dream It Do It / In the town of Banks, Alabama, there is a small school doing big things. The school is Banks Middle School and they have created a daily new podcast that is not only broadcasted at their school, but on their local television channel. Bobby Jon […]
Show 213

Show 213 – Engineering & Manufacturing

/ Auburn University Automotive Engineering & Manufacturing Program / The automotive manufacturing industry is rapidly growing in Alabama. The companies involved in this movement, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, and Hyundai, all require various types of skilled, professional engineers, with experience in the field of manufacturing. Because the Automotive Industry grew so quickly here, the skill set […]
Show 224

Show 224 – Scale Reproductions

/ Scale Reproductions / Scale Reproductions in Foley builds scale models, replicas, mock-ups and prototypes for many different types of industries including: Architecture, Maritime, Aerospace, and many more. We spoke with some of Scale Reproductions Model builders to learn what’s involved in building scale models.
Show 202

Show 202 – Montgomery Police Academy (Part 2)

/ Montgomery Police Academy – Part 2 / This week On The Job, Bobby Jon continues his training with the Montgomery Police Department. This week the focus is on more of the physical aspects of becoming a police officer. Bobby and the crew from On The Job continue to follow the recruits of the 2008 […]
Show 235

Show 235 – Community College | Park Rangers

/ ACCS Chancellor Interview / Park Rangers / ACCS Chancellor Interview On December 1, 2009, Dr. Freida Hill, became Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System.   Dr. Hill sat down with us a few weeks ago for an in-depth interview where she touched on the state of the two-year system, her goals for the system […]
Show 214

Show 214 – Communications | WDJC

/ Jacksonville State Department of Communications / WDJC / Today, Radio is a multi billion-dollar industry that through over-the-air stations and satellite radio reaches every corner of the country and around the world. At Jacksonville State University’s Department of Communications, they’re teaching students not only how to run the station technically, but also how to […]
Show 225

Show 225 – Old Iron Doors

/ Old Iron Doors / Doors… They open. They close. They let people in, and they keep people out. They come in all different types and sizes… and through out history have played a functional role in our everyday lives. Though their ‘function’ is simple enough, their ‘form’ can be anything from simplistically adequate to […]
Show 203

Show 203

/ Southern Company – Women working in non-traditional roles / On this episode we feature women in non-traditional roles at Southern Company. Southern Company is one of the largest generators of electricity in the nation producing more than 42,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity and serving about 75 investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, and municipalities. The […]
Show 236

Show 236 – Landscaping

/ Lakewood Landscape Group / There’s an old saying that says, “April showers bring May Flowers”. Well, today we will talk with some fellows who also bring flowers, and trees, and bushes, and anything else to make their clients landscape something spectacular. Lakewood Landscape Group, located in Dothan Alabama, is owned and operated by two […]
Show 215

Show 215 – Technology & Engineering

/ Jacksonville State University – Department of Technology and Engineering / Jacksonville State University offers a wide array of technology degrees for students interested in automation of industrial manufacturing, robotics, digital networks and communication, and management of computer integrated manufacturing systems. While Jacksonville state offers an array of 4 year technology degrees, it also offers […]